About Us

KOKORIKORESTAURANTS.COM is all about adding value and positive aspects to your dining. It is well known for taking care of satisfaction level of customers. Apart from serving lunch and dinner with verities, it also offers exquisite pastas and pizzas along with elegant main course.

We know that the customer is king in the hospitality industry, and hence, we pay close attention to making their time splendid by providing good food and quality service keeping hygiene in mind.

We also keep the mood light by playing classic music, and mixing it up with light rock, pop, and afew peppy numbers in the playlist as well. We also allow you to be your own DJ while you celebrate a special occasion at our restaurant.

Kokoriko restaurants restaurants have been attracting serious food lovers and those who desire to spend some memorable time enjoying marvelous dinner and extraordinary desserts. So, bring your loved ones to have a nice time at our chain of outdoor restaurants, and have a blast!

Contact us to make reservations for all kinds of outdoor parties, and celebrations at any of the branches of Kokoriko restaurants.