Kokoriko Restaurants: Lewisville

Kokoriko restaurants are one of the finest outdoor restaurants offering you multi-cuisine delicacies, making them the perfect place to celebrate any occasion with your family, friends and colleagues. The ambiance is lively and refreshing, not to mention the mouth-watering fresh food backed by quick service, making them the perfect destination to spend some quality time with your loved ones.They have elegance, class and style to please you in all possible ways.

Healthy Blend of Continental Cuisines in our Outdoor dining Area

It offers a mix of Indian and Chinese food, which is splendid in nature. The food here also encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines. Different spices are used to give an unpretentious nature to the dishes. The place can be a perfect option for a candle light dinner. Homemade food from India, China, and Mauarii is always nice, but enjoying meals with your loved ones in outdoor restaurants can make you even happier.

Indoor Dining in Lewisville

Our indoor dining experience is like no other in Lewisville, TX. The atmosphere at Kokorika is one like no other, with vast, natural settings and beautiful Koi fish displayed in the background. We have comfortable seating provided by Moda Seating, as well as state-of-the-art air conditioning services provided by Select AC that is automated through our home automation system. Our tables are local and custom made from craftsmen in town. All of our color schemes reflect the nature of our hometown in China. Not only is our food unique and good, but so is the atmosphere.


So, now you get to enjoy the flavors of authentic pure vegetarian dishes from North India, Chinese, and continental cuisine in cozy and trendy interiors. The interiors are upbeat and can lighten your mood always. It takes your dining experience to a whole new level by making it unique and extraordinary.